Olive Oil Accelerates Wound Healing in Burn Patients

Olive oil may be effective in the treatment and healing of skin burns!

Past studies have shown that olive oil may be effective in the treatment and healing of skin burns, when used externally. Now, a new study published in the journal Burns showed that consuming olive oil can expedite the healing process, and work from within.

Burn patients have increased nutritional needs in calories, protein as well as minerals and vitamins, so nutrition is an important factor in burn care and healing.

Antioxidant and anti inflammatory therapy have been known to be beneficial in the treatment of burns, so researchers set out to evaluate the effect of a diet rich in olive oil on the healing of burns in hospitalized patients.

The study was conducted on 100 patients who were hospitalized with second- and third-degree burn wounds on 10–20 percent of their body surface area. The patients were assigned to received either olive oil or sunflower oil in their diets.

The patients were examined daily and, while there were no significant differences in terms of in the total body surface area of the burns, there were significant differences in the duration of wound healing and hospitalization. The olive oil group appeared to have accelerated wound healing and decreased the duration of their hospitalization.


Source: http://www.oliveoiltimes.com/