Olive Oil, Milk and Honey Help Moisturize Dry, Flaky Skin

In many parts of the world, this time of the year is synonymous to colder nights and jackets, which can result to dry, flaky skin.

Nobody likes having dry skin, whether it is on the face, or somewhere more inconspicuous like the back. Left untreated, dry skin can lead to bigger problems and can be extremely painful for the sufferer.

Both prescription and over-the-counter creams and ointments are readily available of course, and it is always advised to seek the help of a dermatologist or your family doctor, especially if your dry skin problems have somehow begun to escalate into more dryness, making it unbearable and disruptive to everyday life.
Other than that, the first signs of skin dryness due to the breezing weather can be addressed using reliable, good old products that can be easily found in the kitchen cupboard.

Olive Oil

Olive oil has been a staple among Mediterranean women for centuries as a moisturizer. No wonder these women have supple, lovely skin. According to eco author Deborah Niemann, this type of oil contains rich antioxidants that effectively fight free radicals from outdoor elements. Olive oil's capacity to moisturize makes it an ideal anti-aging tonic that can be taken internally. It is also a good night cream, which can be made by mixing it with vinegar and water.

Honey and Milk

The combination of honey and milk can be considered a power moisturizer and cleanser. Honey, rich in antioxidants like olive oil, effectively maintains high moisture levels in the skin and is antibacterial. Honey's antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties help ease up acne, calm irritation and redness, and lighten the appearance of scars. Meanwhile, milk has been used for skincare in Egypt for a long time, as evident in the stories of Cleopatra bathing in its goodness and enjoying milk's moisturizing benefits. Mix equal parts honey and milk for softer skin devoid of painful, unpleasant dryness.


Source: http://www.youthhealthmag.com/